Spies, Lies and the War on Terror Book Launch Report

Spies, Lies and the War on Terror Book CoverIn a well-attended reception jointly sponsored by the Campaign Against Criminalising Communities (CAMPACC), Bar Human Rights Committee (BHRC) and ZED Books, the public launch of Spies, Lies and the War on Terror took place on May 14, 2009.

The launch event, hosted in Garden Court Chambers, WC1 featured a range of speakers, including co-author Jonathan Bloch, Statewatch director, Tony Bunyan, writer and lecturer Nafeez Mossadeq Ahmed and leading civil liberties lawyer, Louise Christian.

Amidst much lively debate, Jonathan Bloch brought to bear some telling local aspects of the notorious “Wood Green Ricin” affair – featured in chapter four of the book – from his perspective as a Lib Dem councillor for the area, notably, that the relevant public health authorities were in complete ignorance of any supposed efforts to manufacture the deadly poison. Whilst from a Statewatch perspective, Tony Bunyan was to commend the comprehensive nature of the European dimension to war on terror brought, out in chapter five. Nafeez Ahmed, author of the authoritative War on Truth and much other work in the terrorism and international politics field, was to similarly applaud the scope of analysis.

The event closed with a call from Estella Schmid from CAMPACC to resist further  encroachments on civil rights and liberties, whose range and intensity was only now becoming apparent.

The event is sponsored by

  • Bar Human Rights Committee
  • Zed Books